"There is no chance for passionate encounters, there are only appointments and complicity not to be missed." (Jean-François Pasques)

Our Story

The club was created to act in time as the propellant automotive collection in the PACA region.

Sad to see our beautiful traditions and values declined in this distrust and selfishness company, we want to reinvent the "associative" to convey a strong image to bring together a community of enthusiasts. And to revive the spirit of solidarity.

This is why we work with all local actors that are in line with our philosophy of work in order to promote and increase our beautiful region in a share momentum.

Membership Card

From purchase to sale we support you in your approach ensuring a tailored and personalized advice:

  • One card: 20 euros / year

Access to the services of the club

  • Brown Card: 100 euros / year

- Access to the club services

- Free intra-club events

- Access to personalized services consulting and investment advice

  • Full card: 2000 euros / year

- Access to the club services

- Guarding the year

- Regular maintenance of the vehicle

- Free intra-club events

- Club Pack (jacket, gloves ...)